Feature: Wound Care Solutions

July 23, 2018

DermaMed Coatings Company is an industry leader in advanced medical adhesive solutions for the medical industry.

We bring our decades of experience as a custom coater to the industry and thrive on our abilities to develop solutions for pressure-sensitive adhesives. And our capabilities as a custom coater make us a leader in developing wound care solutions.

Our custom pattern-printed adhesives are able to meet the growing demand for high moisture vapor transmission rate, or MVTR, adhesive solutions in the market. These breathable, pattern-printed adhesives are perfect for wound care applications in the medical and health care fields.

And we can develop custom adhesive solutions for a variety of films as well.

Our manufacturing capabilities are wide ranging and include numerous techniques such as coating (knife over roll and gravure at 60 inches), pressure sensitive adhesive solvents, latex-free rubber products, slitting, laminating, and many more.

Plus, our relationships with numerous raw material suppliers cultivated over decades helps to offer you with the latest in technologies and materials available on the market.

With our on-site lab space, our chemists can develop products based on a stringent set of performance criteria as well as customize the products with your required specifications.

We can perform trial testing to ensure your products meet those specifications and then provide scale-up runs or smaller runs.

For more information on how DermaMed can help you find a desired solution to your wound care applications, contact us today to begin the research and development phase to find your desired solution