Feature: Release Liners and Films

Release liners play an integral role in the medical adhesive industry. But what exactly are they and why do release liners matter? 

Release liners are products that carry sticky substrates until they are needed for their designed purpose.

Commonly, these liners work with pressure sensitive adhesives as they hold onto or carry these substrates until they are ready to be released. 

Sometimes release liners are called “carriers” or backing papers. They can also be produced using multiple materials. Release liners can be film-based, use paper, or polycoated papers, and even unique products. Substrates are often coated with silicone in order to allow for the liner to properly release whatever it is carrying when the time is right. 

Liners used in the medical field are similar to more common products such as pressure sensitive labels and graphic arts.

Other products like roofing shingles, weather-proofing, composites for wind energy, and automotive applications all use release liners. 

The medical industry has numerous uses for release liners and films, especially where hygiene is critical. Common uses for release liners include electrodes, wound dressings, patches, diapers, and feminine care products. 

Perhaps most importantly, release liners on medical products are typically removed by hand by consumers of those products.

This makes the consistency of release imperative, the products must adhere to increase levels of cleanliness, and often they must meet regulatory requirements. 

Release liners and films are just one of the many areas of expertise for our team at DermaMed Coatings Company. Contact us today to see how our release liners can help improve your products.