DermaMed Coatings Compan, LLC Expands Marketing Sales Team

August 15, 2016

DermaMed Coatings Company, LLC Expands Marketing Sales Team

Tallmadge, Ohio, August 15, 2016 --- To meet the continued demand for adhesive coating solutions for medical, DermaMed Coatings, LLC recently hired Mark Engelen and Dave Harden.

Mark Engelen is located in Rockford, Illinois and covers the Midwest territory. He brings 36 years of pressure tape and converting expertise to DermaMed. Primarily focused in sales, he also has experience in product development, plant management, quality, purchasing, and sales management.  Currently Mark is actively involved in the coating of various adhesive products, as well as slitting, laminating, and die cutting those same products.

His tape experience includes a variety of pressure sensitive adhesive products, such as double-coated tapes, transfer adhesives, and other constructions to develop solutions for OEM's and their converters. Mark understands the physical properties in a range of products, along with the technical, and leading-edge manufacturing capabilities needed to serve both the medical and industrial marketplaces. When working with converters and OEM’s, Mark can recommend the product to best fit the application and the processes needed to fabricate. Some of the areas where solutions have been provided are vibration and sound damping, insulation, AED devices, wound care, building and construction flashing applications, and surgical drapes. Mark has worked with all adhesive chemistries and processes, as well as the other components necessary to design a product or solve a problem.

Dave Harden is located in San Francisco, California and covers the Western part of the United States. He began his career working with adhesives as an industrial label specialist. With that expertise he moved into the pressure-sensitive tape industry, working both in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dave has extensive experience in producing results for specialty applications for technical tapes. His specialized knowledge in this area led him to the custom medical tape market. He continues to work with DermaMed clients to develop proprietary adhesive applications for the medical skin contact market.

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